About the Keeep

Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, have become an inseparable part of our lives, and these devices help us achieve so much every day. These advanced gadgets, with their beautiful displays and super thin enclosures, are in just about everyone’s hands.. Too often we have had to deal with the unfortunate issues of broken displays, damaged enclosures, and water damage on our devices. Other times we find ourselves using our phones and tablets while lying in bed and know how it feels when we lose our grip on the devices and they fall right onto our faces; not exactly a great feeling. The Keeep was designed as a solution to these common problems. Built with the everyday user in mind, the Keeep features a stainless steel base plate and removable/reusable adhesive. Its other features include:
Finger Holder
– Allows for one-handed phone or device use
– Lets you text, watch videos, and surf the web easier
– Lowers the risk of dropping your device while using it
Multi-angle Stand
– Has two rotating rings that turn a full 360 degrees to let your phone or tablet stand at multiple angles
– Allows adaptive angle adjustment for proper standing positions to adjust the Keeep to stand however you like